Dirty Little Secrets

What most online retailers are not telling you....is the price you see doesn't include currency exchange, the 18% duty and brokerage fees that are applied to all clothing imported from the United States.
Once you add all the REAL costs to your online purchase, Elizabeth Noel's in store pricing will either meet or beat the regular online prices. We are able to beat the web pricing by at least 7%!
Here is an example:

Sherri Hill #9230


  Online Elizabeth Noel
Price $300.00 USD N/A
Exchange @ $1.027 $308.10 CDN$ $338.00 CDN$
18% Duty $55.46 N/A
Shipping, Handling, Brokerage ranges from $0 - $35 N/A unless express shipping required
HST $51.81 $43.94
Total $450.37 $381.94
  Total Savings $68.43


If you are lucky enough to find a website that doesn't charge shipping you will still save $28.88 at Elizabeth Noel. In addition to the savings, help with measurements and the hundreds of dresses available for you to try on is priceless.
Service is our most important asset at Elizabeth Noel.
How do you know if someone else is wearing the same dress to your function if you buy it online? We record every dress for every function to do our best to limit the chance of you having the same dress as someone else on your special day.
We look forward to helping you find the perfect dress and saving you time and money!