Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start shopping for prom?

There is never a bad time to start shopping for prom, however, the sooner you start shopping the more choices you will have. We keep a regristry at the store of which dresses are going to which schools, if you start shopping earlier you are less likely to fall in love with a dress that someone else has already picked for your school. Also the sooner you start shopping the more likely it will be that we can secure the dress you would like in the correct size and colour. Of course you are able to purchase a dress off the rack, however, if you need another size or colour of a dress we can order it in for you. Ordering a dress can take as little as a couple days or as long as 24 weeks for a designer to produce and ship the dress. Our recommendation is that you give yourself as much time as possible to find the perfect dress. 

What Should I Bring?

When you come shopping at Elizabeth Noel all we ask is that you wear panties when trying on the dresses for hygenic purposes. Each dress has a built in bra so you do not need to bring one with you. We do have heels at the store that you are welcomed to use, however, you can also bring your own if you prefer. 

Do I Need to Make an Appointment?

No you do not need an appointment. You are more than welcome to come in anytime during regular store hours. We do not offer appointments during regular hours. We do however offer free private appointments after hours on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday nights, and Sunday mornings. For more information on booking an appointment please call the store. 

What Sizes do you Carry?

We try to offer a variety of sizes. In store we carry sizes 000-32 however some of our brands offer up to a size 50. We do not have every dress in every size, however we try to have different styles in each size. We only carry each dress in one size and one colour for the most part because we can order you the correct size by taking your measurements. If you have any sizing inquiries please call the store. 

What is the price range of your dresses?

We try to have something to fit everyones budget, with that being said we have casual dresses that start as low as $40 and some long formal wear starting around $200. However, if you tell us your budget we are always happy to try our hardest to find you the perfect dress in the right price point. 

Do you carry Mother of the Bride/Groom?

We do not carry traditional "Mother of" dresses. We carry evening gowns, some will work for "Mother of" but it totally depends on your personal style and taste. 

Do you offer layaways?

Yes, we do offer layaways. When you put something on layaway we ask for a 20% deposit of the original price of the dress and that you make a payment every 30 days. 

Do you have casual dresses?

Yes! We offer a wide selection of casual dresses all year round. We have dresses that are casual enough for everyday wear and then others that are more appriopriate for wearing to a wedding or a special occasion. These dresses start around $40. 

Why do you register dresses?

We register every dress for Prom, Graduation and Galas. We do this to try and ensure that you are the only person wearing your dress at your function. We will inform any other potiential buyer of your dress who is going to your fuction that the dress is already going, and will stronly recommend that another dress be chosen. We do not reveal your name, only that the particular dress is already being worn to the event. Although we can not legally prevent a purchase, we have found that less than 1% of people will purchase a dress that will be a duplicate at their function. 

How do I special order a dress?

After you make a decision about which dress you would like to purchase, our staff will help you on site, over the phone or by email to order your dress.

How do I know what size I will need?

When you have found the perfect dress, one of our consultants will work with you to match you with the designer's size chart. All designers have their own size charts amd we work closely and personally with designers to get you your best and most closest fit. 

Will I need alterations?

Because all of the designers have a standard size chart, we find that most special occasion dresses will need some sort of minor alteration. ie: hemming, shortening straps, etc.

Can I get my dress altered at Elizabeth Noel?

At Elizabeth Noel we want to give you expert advice, and the best prices we can. We do not build the price of alterations into the price of our dresses in order to ensure that those that do not need alterations are not paying for one. We also feel that an expert should alter your dress. At the time of your purchase we will discuss any alterations you may need and send you to a local expert. 

Why should I shop in person for a special occasion dress and not online?

Unlike casual clothing, the fit of a special occasion dress can be very difficult to assess by simply looking at a photo and size chart. Our staff will search for, and offer you, numerous styles and choices to try on. Once you have picked your gown, your consultant will go over the dress with you and determine whether alterations or any other modifications are necessary. If you need to special order your dress we will make sure all of your mesasurements are correct and we will work personally with the designer's representatives to order you your best option. Ordering online often does not account for shipping, duty, currency exchange, and other costs that will be charged upon purchasing.