Face of Prom 2022



Congratulations… the words I read on June 4, 2022. While in bed recovering from my second covid vaccine symptoms. To this day, I am still feeling every emotion I felt from reading that text.


Hi, my name is Nathalia Aranda, and I am Miss E Noel Face of Prom 2022. I was born in Colombia and moved to Canada when I was five. I grew up in London/ St Thomas and graduated from St Joseph’s Highschool. I am currently a first-year student at the University of Western Ontario studying kinesiology working towards a bachelor of science with an honor specialization.


Growing up, I was actively involved in my community and around my school. Being active and involved allowed me to learn significant skills that have shaped my character. Volunteering in sports, blood drives, hospitals, youth groups, old age homes, and thrift stores helped me stay busy and make a positive impact on my community.


When face of prom 2022 was announced I was a little nervous but I knew that this would make me look forward to something prom-related even if my school prom got canceled. As time went by covid began to make things harder and, before you knew it, the world went into lockdown again. I was devastated because I thought this would be the end of face of prom 2022. However, it was not. The FOP staff put in so much time and effort to put together some virtual experiences that allowed us to engage with the contestants and show the judges our personalities.


FOP not only provided me with a light in a dark time during my senior year, but it allowed me to make new friendships that I hold very close to my heart. The laughs and memories created throughout it all are very special to me and, although the majority was virtual, we all learned to make the most out of this experience.


Looking back at the last year and all we went through I, can proudly say that face of prom has taught me many things. The biggest thing is the importance of being confident in my skin. FOP pushed us to show our unique hobbies, traits, etc.. through various rounds of tasks where we were able to be creative and show the judges what makes us unique. Being confident in today's society is hard. Society's beauty standards often lower girls' confidence. However, FOP demonstrates the importance of diversity and that beauty is within everyone. When covid hit my mental health began to drain and, my confidence went down. Participating in FOP helped me pick myself up and have fun again while being surrounded by such supportive and beautiful people.


To all the individuals entered in Face of Prom 2022, always remember to smile and be yourself. To any younger individuals considering face of prom or even face of grad.. do it when you can! It is not about winning; it is about the friendships you make the self-love relationship you gain. If anyone can do it, never doubt yourself and have fun because before you know it, all that is left is just hours of memories from all the fun you had with all the new friends you made. I can’t wait to meet you all.