Princess Program


We know that graduation and proms are milestones in most students' lives.
There can be considerable financial pressure to make that even happen.
At Elizabeth Noel, we have created a program to help minimize that struggle.


Starting in 2014, the Princess Program sets funds aside to help assist graduates experience
the ultimate selection process and help them receive their dream dress through Elizabeth Noel and various designers. 

Potential recipients can apply through our application process, and once vetted, they can start their journey to their event in style!

Each person receives a private appointment because we believe that it's about the experience more so than the dress/tuxedo. 

The appointments take place Monday to Wednesday after 6pm
or Sunday mornings at 10:30am. The recipient can select any dress at Elizabeth Noel up to
$500 and will be provided hair and makeup on the day of their event by Nova Vita.


Our goal is to make each person involved feel included and valued.

Upon acceptance into the program we will contact your sponsor to arrange an appointment date for the
recipient, guardian, and the sponsor to attend.

Thank you for letting the Princess Program be a part of your special day!